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Animal Communication
with Shirley Benson
"No animal too big or too small to connect to"


"Shirley is one of the most talented animal communicators I have ever worked with. Her love for animals as well as a healthy relationship between the owner and their pet is her priority. Knowing the health and needs of your pet is priceless".     Kelly Wolf


Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or why they behave the way they do or even if they like the food you feed them?

Maybe you have concerns about the health and behaviours of your pet and you just wish they could tell you what is going on.

Now you can have a peek into the world of your pet with animal communication. Shirley will connect with your pet through various methods that will answer many of the questions you may have.


You can hear directly from your pet about their needs, their health and their behaviours. It will deepen your understanding and your bond.



Distance Sessions - $75

In Person Sessions - $105

To book, text or call Shirley Benson directly at


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